• Ways to ramp up your Travel Style

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    If packing for a trip is your worst nightmare We've given you 5 of the most trustworthy fashion jet-setters tips and tricks for traveling in style. 
    There are various fashion trends that you can follow but to choose the perfect considering your style and comfort is more important.  fashionable travel clothes are not only stylish but also comfortable to wear. The flight outfit has to be comfortable enough for sitting on a plane for at least several hours. Your travel outfit must fulfill two basic principles first: it should be comfortable enough that you don't lose circulations or break out in hives.second: It should give an awesome impression when you land, after all its the first outfit you're starting your vacation in. so here is the handpicked style for traveling.

    1. Fabrics for traveling

    When it comes to travel clothing the material of your fabrics makes all difference in the world!in terms of both your comfort and luggage size. Certain parts of the world would be very cold while other places would be warm so choose your clothing as per the weather conditions. check the forecast before packing. fabrics like cotton and linen get wrinkle quickly so you have to choose fabrics who will be wrinkle-resistant and can be comfortable if you wear it for long hours. Few best wrinkle-resistant fabrics options include:
    • Polyester
    • Wool
    • Cashmere
    • Tencel
    • Lycra
    • Knits
    • Jersey
    • Spandex
    A blend of any of these with a natural fiber like cotton would be perfect, which will give you the stretch you need for long time travel while still looking crisp.

    2. The best travel purse ever


    Nobody wants to travel in uncomfortable bags. Your carry-on purse for travel needs to be conveniently carry everything without being bogged down, like documents, iPad or maybe a makeup kit. The main challenges are picked the lightweight luggage and to decide which bag to pack for day use. Decide your travel bag depending on location and whether, if you are backpacking for Europe, a business trip to Japan or just spending the weekend in New York choose your travel bag wisely.  A good travel purse has to be spacious and look stylish. A tote is great for traveling because you can load with lots of stuff. For the perfect everyday travel bag, the crossbody bag is another an excellent option for keeping your hands free for other things.

    3.Slip-On Flats

    we all have that favorite pair of shoes which we can't take them while traveling. when you are going for nice dinner or drinks then you will want a fancy high heel. heels can be painful for long periods of time also it takes so much space in your case, so stick to one nice pair of black heels they will match with every outfit you have. Converse are very comfortable and cool too you can walk in miles with them. choose uncomplicated, easy-on/easy-off shoes. If you are planning for some cold place than a good pair of winter shoes or bike shoes would be the perfect shoes for you, it will keep your feet warm and dry and you will be able to walk with them for miles. We would suggest 2 pairs of shoes plus a pair of flip flops to use on beaches or hotels. choose great quality flip-flop for a comfortable walk. Cheap flip flops tend to break easily and can give you blisters between your toes. Shorter weekend trips will potentially require less.  Take only what you truly needed.

    4.which Cloths to select

    High Waist Leggings

    when you are sitting for an hour uncomfortably in the airplane you need to make your wearing soft, pants which are more comfy and little loose and have some good have some good stretch to them. tight pants that squeeze your thigh there is nothing worse than stiff tight pant. Leggings are best to wear while traveling especially on long flights.they are soft, flexible and very comfy. you can wear them with a long top, tunic or short dress that covers your bottom. Simple A-line skirts look good on almost any body type and are easy to pack as well. you can pair with any tang tops, well-fitted t-shirts that match the skirt. A soft, light top is what you need to wear while traveling. prefer to wear 3/4 sleeves because I find airplanes can get very cold. never get on a plane without a scarf, wrap jacket or cardigan as the airline blankets are very thin.

    5 -Dark color make it easier to travel

    Dark colors or pop colors are popular amongst the travelers as they don’t show the dirt as much.dark colors are helpful when you are traveling with young kids, who often spill drinks on planes or even throw up. you can choose colors hues like navy, blue, tan, gray, and you can’t ever go wrong with classic black. Happy colors make me feel like my vacation is already starting.

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  • 5 Wardrobe Essentials Everyone Should Own

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    To look at, attractive women, use many tricks.hairstyle, makeup, accessories, and cloths.every women have their own style and how they perceived is all that matters. things that always work. regardless of age, The idea of a wardrobe essential is pretty subjective. Heres the list of must-have in every women's closet.

    1- A Plain White Tee

    Tops Online India

    A plain white tee will never go out of fashion. it can be worn in all season. you can tuck into a skirt or worn with the pair of blue jeans or maybe a short. Pairing it with a sleek pencil skirt or a legging for Sunday brunch this look will change your entire look. is there anything more versatile? white go to button down shirt will help you get dressed faster in the morning, it suits well on any age or body type.

    2- Ballet Flats

    when you need a break from your heels, sleep into fancy flats. There's a reason everyone loves a good pair of ballet flats. Heels don’t have to be the only way to look smart. A nice pair of ballet flats can complete the job.they are very comfortable fashionable at the same time.  use them to dress up your button down and jeans combination. Flats suits anybody types and the style of dresses can be paired with these flats are endless. pair the flats with the dress and see the magic. from the office to house party embrace your style with flats.

    3-  Skinny Jeans

    Skinny jeans

    when you need a break from your heels, sleep into fancy flats. There's a reason everyone loves a good pair of ballet flats. Heels don’t have to be the only way to look smart. A nice pair of ballet flats can complete the job.they are very comfortable fashionable at the same time.  use them to dress up your button down and jeans combination. Flats suits anybody types and the style of dresses can be paired with these flats are endless. pair the flats with the dress and see the magic. from the office to house party embrace your style with flats.

    4- The power of Shoe

    Nowadays there's always a new shoe style to add to your collection, white sneakers, loafers, ballet flat and the list will never end.. But if you are on a mission to clean your closet and get rid of those unwanted shoes, you'll definitely keep the black pumps. black pumps are perhaps the most reliable and versatile option out there and the best investment in every girl's closet. They are amazingly versatile and can be worn in million different ways. They are timeless, but they do pair with every outfit and occasion and perhaps no woman knows this better than a royal. Pair with denim jeans and have that chic look. wear with a short to cool day out with your girlfriends.

    5- Sunglasses

    Stylish sunglasses

    Some fashion girls are addicted to collecting sunglasses. whether you are sipping a cocktail at poolside or accessorizing to hide bags under eyes sunglasses are a must-have accessory .there are a variety of shades and reflective lenses one can try. draw inspiration from fashion bloggers and stand out with statement frames. here a list of sunglasses style. single tip: choose your shades as per face shape.
    • Matrix style
    • cat eye sunglasses
    • Round sunglasses
    • Square Sunglasses
    • Thine metal frame

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  • The right way to wear maxi dress

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    Maxi dresses have become popular to wear not only in the evenings but in everyday life too. The flowy dresses, seem to always be in style and staple in many women’s closets weather its a night out with friends, or a date is some of the great reasons to take your favorite dress out of the wardrobe. a maxi dress is stylish, comfortable and fashionable outfit the main point is maxi dress outfits look incredibly feminine. there are many different styles and ways to wear the maxi dresses, one can get confused about the best one to wear. follow this article on how to wear a maxi dress properly and to match the dress with other accessories and different clothing.

    1- Maxi dress with belt

    Maxi dress online


    To accentuate your waist wear belt on your maxi dress.this will instantly make everyone around you jealous. choosing a right belt is very important A good belt can make an outfit, but the wrong one can leave a stylish person looking like a complete mess. There are a variety of belts sizes available finding the right belt can be even tougher. women with longer torsos should wear a thick belt as it will help shorten their upper bodies and make them look more proportional. But if you don’t want to use belts, you can still look very attractive, wear a maxi dress with a slit which will not only highlight your waist but your legs as well.

    2- Maxi dress With sneakers

    Its commonly believed that we should wear sports shoes or sneakers only with sportswear. many people think that wearing sneakers on the maxi dress look weird, but the rule of fashion is change. nowadays a combination on a maxi dress + sneakers become classic. it looks cool, stylish and comfy! If you spent your childhood in a pair of  Nike, Adidas or even Converse you already know, the right sneakers can make a statement. Not only will you earn a point for thinking outside the box, but your (comfy) feet will surely thank you

    3- Maxi dress with Denim jacket

    If you want to look fresher and younger than put on your favorite maxi dress and a denim jacket. The beauty of maxi dresses is that you can use wear them pretty much all year round. whether you want to go for walk or coffee with girlfriends this is the perfect outfit you can ask. apart from denim jacket, you can also try bomber jacket or trench over top depending on the weather and season.

    4- Accessories

    To get an elegant look from maxi dress maxi is very simple, adding a layer neckless, long earrings bracelets or a stylish watch. accessories make any outfit look gorgeous. of course, the choice of accessories depends on your taste and the occasion. wearing a super floppy hat would be add on to your attire. Don’t forget to complete your look with your favorite clutch and sunglasses. select the sunglasses as per your face shape.

    5.Heels and Wedges

    Heels and wedges on the maxi dress look awesomely cute, Give your look a lift with heels for a fancy event. short girls should prevent your dress dragging on the ground.this is one way to look taller as your maxi dress will hide your heels, so forget flip-flops and grab your heels.

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  • 5 Monsoon style you must follow this rainy season

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    Monsoon is just around the corner, Each year we welcome the season with open arms and open umbrellas. Every woman wants to look its best whether its college going girl or a professional Since we are already aware of the plash fact and constant humidity, we begin to find an outfit that would sustain the season. There are many ways to make a stylish approach each time you head out in this weather being not on your side! Rainy season is the time when you can have the most fun with your clothes. It is time to bring out your shorts, skirts, and gumboots. It is a season that lets you flaunt floral dress, colorful umbrellas, and hairdos that can make you look like a totally new person altogether. 

    Here is a quick guide to rainy season fashion:

    Go black Go dark:

    As the sunny days are gone its time to bring black, back in action! as it is a weather friendly color for the season. If you get stuck in the rain without an umbrella for some reason, your light clothes might become see through. Dark clothes save your day. Wear a pair of ripped denim jeans with any dark shade of top, add style to it with a scarf in a bright color. You are ready to flaunt your oh-so-chic look! You can go out of your way in trying black. style your black dress with a mustard colored trench coat,  Let people go head over heels at you!



    Denim shorts

    Denim shorts are to be out of your wardrobe this season. Shorts are most functional and obvious choice for this season. Be it work, a dinner date or a night at the club, Nothing makes your monsoon worthwhile like those shorts. make sure you have at least one good pair of shorts. There is no going wrong with them. Pair them with any top or shirt and you are good to go! From boots to floaters whatever you wear will make a statement.


    Now is the time to go wacky with different types of jackets and shrugs. Girls do have a variety of jackets whether it's in denim, leather, tribal style jacket or a blazer. If not then this is a time to buy from Madrushfashion. A jacket is a long-lasting clothing you will ever invest on for good and more importantly, it is a statement for those who wear it.

    Cropped pants

    Cropped pants

    Try some cropped pants. This is a highly recommended style statement for the season as they don’t struggle on the dewy ground. Just imagine, you can flaunt your tank tops, casual tops, jackets and the sexy crop tops all so easily by pairing them with a cropped pant or denim. They go best with sneakers. Do not restrict yourself to colors. Try different shades of pants.

    Knee Length Dresses

    Monsoons are about letting your spirit fly and heavy garments simply won’t let you do that. Go for light and fluidic fabrics. A classic knee-length dress can save your day in a fashionable manner! Style it with bright accessories, play with colors and yes your umbrella says a lot about your style! Pick one like a diva!

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  • Shine like a diva by choosing correct party dresses for women online

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    Parties are fun but they require significant preparation. Whether you are the host or the guest, the most important thing you will need to consider is your appearance. Your appearance will determine how other guests perceive you. Then, a party is the best opportunity to dress up the way you want to.

    Party wear Dress

    However, the market for clothing is humongous. Finding party dresses for women requires significant effort. There are many online stores and offline ones with different kinds of products available. Finalizing on a particular kind of choices is a difficult job. Well, this article will help you remove those difficulties:

    Hassle free experience:

    We recommend that you buy clothes online instead of the local stores. There are many advantages of buying party dresses online. And the biggest one is of having a hassle-free experience.

    With a good online store, you will not have to put an effort in navigation. Moreover, you would want to buy party wear long dresses or short dresses, from a store that provides you with an easy navigation. From the loading time of the website to the display of products, the navigation matters the most.

    Related post: Revamp your wardrobe with the latest collection of maxi dresses online

    A good online store would also help you in solving any arising problems. Therefore, you will get a hassle-free experience only.

    Endless options:

    Strappy Slip Maxi Dress

    Another major advantage of buying your party wear online is the availability of choices. With online stores, you get endless options. From floral lace tops to gowns, you cannot have any satisfactory number of items. In an offline store, you would end up with a very limited number of options.

    You will have to put effort into visiting the offline store as well. Going to the store will take a considerable amount of time of your schedule. You can save all that effort and time with a good online store. And if you are worried about finding the right online store, then you should not worry much as we here to help you. We will make sure that you get the best options present in the market.

    Get the latest fashion:

    Ruffle Bodycon Dress

    Online stores can change their entire inventory quickly. This enables them to keep up with the dynamic market of fashion and clothing. You already know how quickly the trends change. Offline stores lag behind in this regard. You might not see the latest fashion there, after a number of weeks. That is so because they have to expend much effort into changing their entire inventory.

    Party wear is the most volatile section of the fashion industry as well. You can see countless examples of changing trends in party wear. Only a good online store would be able to help you in this regard.


    You can clearly understand the various advantages of buying your party wear from an online store. You should not have any difficulty in finding the right dress for you in an online store too. And if you need any help, we are here.

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